is -kk important in hg convert ?

Schmielau, Tim T.Schmielau at
Wed Mar 19 13:04:28 CDT 2008

> In convert extension there is this line: 
> args = ("-N -P -kk -r %s --" % rev).split() 
> These are the arguments passed to the cvs server when a new revision is downloaded... 
> -kk resets the $Id: <value>$ string to the empty $Id$..... 
> Now, when I diff a converted file from a cvs checked-out file.... the file is different... is the -kk actually necessary ?

No, you can just delete the -kk, it works fine without.
I've successfully imported an RCS repository this way where the build system relied on the $Id: ...$ lines to make up for the shortcomings of RCS' single-file design.

I already considered suggesting to remove the -kk option as default, but then again it didn't seem worth bothering. Comments, anybody?


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