Tailor CVS -> Mercurial: Cannot get branches migrated

Brian Wallis brian.wallis at infomedix.com.au
Wed Mar 19 20:35:08 CDT 2008

I cannot get any branches migrated across to my hg repository using  
the tailor tool

I'm following the procedure described at TailorCVSBranches in the  
wiki but I end up with a copy of head in the repository that is  
supposed to have the branch in it.

Tailor seems to be ignoring the branch spec in its config file  
(copied below). I first migrate the head using tailor and that seems  
to work OK. Then I find the branch point and get the timestamp  
(2007-06-28 01:46:54) and changeset number (122). Next I clone the  
head repo up to the changeset using the -U flag so there is no  
workspace content. Then I run tailor again with the config below to  
get the branch into the cloned repository.

When this finishes and I have a look at what I have in the cloned  
repository it is a copy of head! No evidence of the branch at all.

There must be something simple that I am doing wrong here, probably  
in the tailor config below.

Tailor is 0.9.30 with a slight change to hardcode the encoding since  
the configuration didn't seem to work.
hg is 0.9.5

Any help would be most appreciated.

verbose = True
projects = b2_0_3_20
root-directory = /udr_data/hudson/Hg
patch-name-format =
# Encoding had to be hardcoded into mercurial sources in .../ 
# encoding = ISO-8859-15
# encoding-errors-policy = ignore

target = hg:
start-revision = 2007-06-28 01:46:54
state-file = tailor.2_0_3_20.state
source = cvs:

subdir = Infomedix-tailor-hg-2_0_3_20

module = Infomedix
repository = /udr_data/hudson/Hg/swan_copy/Infomedix
start-revision = b2_0_3_20 2007-06-28 01:46:54
freeze-keywords = False
changeset-threshold = 300
subdir = Icvs-20320

Brian Wallis
p: 3 8615 4553 | f: 3 8615 4501 | e: brian.wallis at infomedix.com.au
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