https over proxy and other stuff ;)

Thomas iamkenzo at
Fri Mar 21 08:45:17 CDT 2008


I don't know if my problem is the same as yours but that's what I have:

My server uses Nginx as a proxy, the main site is

Mercurial has a hg serve server listening on port 13000. Nginx proxies
incoming requests from to the port 13000.

I have a hgrc file that allows anyone to push and doesn't require ssl.

Now on my server I create a blank folder, initialize it, and run hg serve in it.

On my dev box, I want to push to, and it fails
with a "connection reset by peer".

If I try to directly push to hg serve and bypassing nginx, it works.
Now if I try to push once again to, surprisingly
it works.

Why is that? Is it the same problem as you described? How to overcome
that situation?

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