Windows: using hg executable from an IDE results in python errors

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Fri Mar 21 16:06:13 CDT 2008

Alexander Belchenko a écrit :
> I'm VERY VERY VERY sorry. Please, don't bite me for wrong tip.
> I don't need to wrote that without checking my old work first.
> I apologize for this too much.
> I just looked at my e-mail back in december 2006 and I wrote that:
> """...Because some tests
> use StringIO file-like object instead of real sys.stdout
> so I need to explicitly check for presence of fileno attribute..."
> It seems like it's not the case for original problem.

Ah! I knew this was a bzr plot to hinder 1.0 release!

> And therefore suggestion of Steve Borho is right right right.
> Guys I apologize too much, I just need not to send any e-mails in the
> deep night.
> I never will do that. I really sorry. You commit too fast.

I disagree. Python doc clearly states:
Note: File-like objects which do not have a real file descriptor should not provide this method!
So reading fileno() carelessly was a bug, though irrelevant to the current issue.

A second fix testing for positive or nul fileno() is in crew.

Thanks for providing the test.

Patrick Mézard

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