Space savings: cherry picking, partial cloning, overlays, history trimming, offline revisions, and obliterate

Peter Weseloh peter.weseloh at
Sat Mar 22 04:24:57 CDT 2008

Last year I did some experiments with large files, see for details about my findings.
In short: You need python version 2.5 or later with issue 1372 fixed  ( to be able to handle files > 1GB.
Mercurial itself seams to have a limit of 4 GB due to the way chunk sizes
are stored in the index.
I made some experiments regarding runtime performance and memory usage at
that time, but I don't have the numbers at hand right now. At least I can
say that the performance is not too bad if you have enough main memory in
your system (I did my experiments on servers with 64GB memory).

Happy eastern,
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