Commiting to hg repos with commit scripts using hgwebdir.cgi

David Champion dgc at
Sun Mar 23 22:02:08 CDT 2008

> Well, I could be wrong about this, but if I run "echo `date` &> /tmp/test" in 
> a terminal it does not output anything to STDOUT.
> tim at timg:~$ echo `date` &> /tmp/test
> tim at timg:~$ cat /tmp/test
> Mon Mar 24 13:47:24 EST 2008

This might be a poor guess these days, but: "&>" is valid bash syntax,
but not valid POSIX syntax.  (I had to look it up to confirm what it
might mean.)  Are you sure that your CGI environment's shell is not
limiting you to POSIX compliance?

If you change it to >/tmp/test 2>&1 does it change behavior?

Long shot.

 -D.    dgc at    NSIT    University of Chicago

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