Commiting to hg repos with commit scripts using hgwebdir.cgi

Tim Groeneveld tim at
Sun Mar 23 22:15:00 CDT 2008

On Monday 24 March 2008 2:02:08 pm David Champion wrote:
> If you change it to >/tmp/test 2>&1 does it change behavior?

No. Even if I add »
tim at timg:/tmp/commitTest$ cat /usr/bin/commit-hg
echo ":)">>/tmp/TEST
exit 0;

tim at timg:/tmp/commitTest$ cat /var/www/hg/commitTest/.hg/hgrc | grep change
changegroup = /usr/bin/commit-hg 2>&1

The end result is still "...  does not appear to be an hg repository"
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