Mercurial on IronPython?

Claudius Link at
Mon Mar 24 16:37:07 CDT 2008

On 24.03.2008, at 21:37, <Chuck.Kirschman at> wrote:
> I think you reinforce my point.  7-10 seconds to start the VM is  
> excessive when most of the Hg commands I run take about 1 second to  
> complete.  That is a pretty high price.  I didn't want someone to do  
> all the work to port Hg to Ipy only to find out that nobody wants it  
> because it's too slow.
Did you try issuing several Mercurial commands?

My experience with IronPython was, that the call of the first script  
was REALLY slow but
consecutive calls of Python scripts ran with a comparable speed to  
I don't know for how long this "caching effect" keeps up.
It is to my understanding based at least partially in the overhead  
necessary to initialize
the DLR.


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