Tailor CVS -> Mercurial: Cannot get branches migrated

Brian Wallis brian.wallis at infomedix.com.au
Tue Mar 25 00:28:50 CDT 2008

G'day Michael,
   I described what I was doing in the first email. Basically I am  
following the process described in the wiki at TailorCVSBranches.

My tailor config for a branch is below. I suspect that I have  
something in that config that is wrong but I just haven't been able  
to see it. What I end up with in the mercurial repo is a copy of the  
head, not the branch. The reason might be since I am not starting  
from the epoch, I am starting at a particular timestamp


verbose = True
projects = b2_0_3_20
root-directory = /udr_data/hudson/Hg
patch-name-format =

target = hg:
start-revision = 2007-06-28 01:46:54
state-file = tailor.2_0_3_20.state
source = cvs:

subdir = Infomedix-tailor-hg-2_0_3_20

module = Infomedix
repository = /udr_data/hudson/Hg/swan_copy/Infomedix
start-revision = b2_0_3_20 2007-06-28 01:46:54
freeze-keywords = False
changeset-threshold = 300
subdir = Icvs-20320

Brian Wallis
p: 3 8615 4553 | f: 3 8615 4501 | e: brian.wallis at infomedix.com.au
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