Tailor CVS -> Mercurial: Cannot get branches migrated

Michael Smith michael.smith at thalesatm.com
Tue Mar 25 00:38:09 CDT 2008

Brian Wallis wrote:
> G'day Michael,
>   I described what I was doing in the first email. Basically I am 
> following the process described in the wiki at TailorCVSBranches.
> My tailor config for a branch is below. I suspect that I have something 
> in that config that is wrong but I just haven't been able to see it. 
> What I end up with in the mercurial repo is a copy of the head, not the 
> branch. The reason might be since I am not starting from the epoch, I am 
> starting at a particular timestamp

My working config:

verbose = False
encoding = UTF-8
encoding-errors-policy = ignore

target = hg:target
start-revision = BRANCHNAME-2_0 INITIAL
root-directory = /path/to/clones/cvsmodulename.BRANCHNAME-2_0
state-file = tailor.state
source = cvs:source
subdir = .
patch-name-format =

repository = /path/to/repos/melbourne/cvsmodulename.BRANCHNAME-2_0

module = directory/modulename
repository = /path/to/cvsroot

...though looking at it now I am not convinced that

repository = /path/to/repos/melbourne/cvsmodulename.BRANCHNAME-2_0

is working correctly. I do a clone from 
/path/to/clones/cvsmodulename.BRANCHNAME-2_0 after importing from cvs.

Identifiers and paths have been changed but the config is otherwise correct.

Changesets in the target repo always start at the branching point. 
Everything before that is a snapshot when it gets to HG.
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