problems with empty directories and "hg clean"

Michael Smith michael.smith at
Tue Mar 25 16:23:33 CDT 2008

Ondrej Certik wrote:

> I am not even reporting this as a bug, as I think it's just a feature.
> But how would you suggest me to improve my usage of Mercurial, so that
> I don't accidentaly delete empty directories? I find it inconsistent,
> that "hg st" doesn't report them, but "hg clean" does delete them.

I use HG to manage the configuration of my servers but I don't do it 
directly. I version control a directory tree which I recursively copy 
into the file system, not just /etc.

For me, this approach makes it easier to reuse a repository, eg,

hg clone old-config new-config

...for a new system.
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