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Thu Mar 27 09:48:04 CDT 2008

Martin Geisler wrote:

> Romain ARCILA <romain.arcila at> writes:
> Hi Romain
>> I have a simple question (i search on google and mercurial FAQ
>> without finding answers), i'd like to move my repository to another
>> directory (on the same computer), does a "cp repository new_path" is
>> enough or i will loose my repository?
> That will work fine. You can move your repository around as you
> please, Mercurial does not track where the repository is store.
> If you have cloned your repository, then you will find that the clones
> can no longer reach the moved repository. You will simply have to
> update the [paths] section of the .hg/hgrc file in the clones to make
> them work like before.

Thanks for you answer

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