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Benoît Allard benoit at
Thu Mar 27 09:54:30 CDT 2008

didier deshommes wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Sage ( uses hg for its source control and recently a
> question has come up about the possibility of doing the following:
>  (1) export everything in the .hg repo to something (perhaps a ton of
> stuff) in plain text format,
>  (2) delete .hg/ directory
>  (3) do something that recovers the .hg/ directory from the output of (1).
> Is this possible? Suggestions very welcome.

What about base64 encoding a full bundle ?

$ hg bundle --full full.hg
$ base64 full.hg

That seems pretty handy to print out the result in order to being able 
to recover form a major crash disk ;)

My two cents ...

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