Windows binaries for 1.0?

Andreas Axelsson andreas.axelsson at
Thu Mar 27 11:11:25 CDT 2008

Who's building the binary win32 distributions for Hg? I could use a build
from someone who's got a working setup. I've spent all day trying to get a
build to work, but since I've only got the Windows SDK 6.1 tools nothing
wants to link against the python binaries which are built with VS 2003. Some
trickery in distutils makes things build, but they won't load. Rebuilding
python with the SDK cascades into a seemingly endless download/build
sequence of various modules from all over, and it takes a while to get each
one working.


I've been messing about with this for so long I'm not even sure where the
problem is anymore. I'll have to clean out everything and start from
scratch, it seems.





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