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Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 27 11:12:01 CDT 2008

> > Hmm, I still don't see your point. You want to backup your data for the
> > case that someone unauthorised modifies your repository? 
> We want to be able to get a set of patches (in text format) that are extracted
> from the repo. Then we want to be able to do an "hg init" and reimport all
> patch sets in the same order. If we have multiple parents, this is not 
> so straightforward.

That's exactly the 'hg bundle -all' mentioned earlier.

I think I might start to understand. You are afraid that someone could
have changed your files in the repository (the ordinary *.c, *.pl and
whatever) and he modified timestamps on the files, so 'hg status' does
not show change. But you still trust contents of your .hg/ directory.

If I'm getting close to the point, you might just do

$ rm -rf * # erase all files in your 'working directory'. Be sure not to
           # erase the .hg/
$ hg up    # refresh them from the .hg directory

Of course that would destroy any local, not yet committed changes.

I have to say I find the situation when you still trust .hg/ directory
after some sort of attack a bizarre one, so I still have my doubts if I
helped you at all :)

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