how to show no icons in Windows Explorer

TK Soh teekaysoh at
Thu Mar 27 19:36:23 CDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 4:25 PM, Johan Samyn <johan.samyn at> wrote:
>  Hi,
>  Is there any way to make Mercurial not show the icons for a given working
>  tree in Explorer under Windows ?
>  While still showing them for other working trees.
>  And if so, is there a way to make exceptions to that exception ?
>  I have the folder "c:\src" which contains the main Hg repo (but is also my
>  cvs sandbox, so I want those icons visible there, not the Hg ones).
>  And I have the folder "c:\src\branches" where I keep several branch Hg
>  repo's (of course, "c:\src\branches" is hgignored for the Hg repo in
>  "c:\src").
>  So I want to have no Hg icons in Explorer for "c:\src", but I do still want
>  them for the subfolders of "c:\src\branches".
>  (I know, if there is a way to have no icons for a working tree, I could
>  move "c:\src\branches" out of "c:\src" to give it the icons again, but I
>  have my reasons to keep it under "c:\src". For now anyway.)

The upcoming TortoiseHg 0.4 adds a feature to disable icons in
selected repos. but not just certain subdirectories of a repo. So,
looks like it'd be best if you can move  "c:\src\branches" out of

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