Question about named branches

Benoît Allard benoit at
Fri Mar 28 05:21:29 CDT 2008

> Then when after I've pulled in the work from developer A to try it out, 
> I continue to work on my own branch with more commits. When I want to 
> push my changes to my (personal) remote repository it fails because it 
> would create multiple heads. I can fix this by giving a revisition to 
> push [1], but then I first have to do "hg id" to find the revision.
> Is there any way to get hg push to only push changes that are on my branch?

You can use the branchname as a revision , it will mean the same thing 
as the most recent revision on that branch


hg push -r branchname

should do the trick

> [1]: speaking of pushing revision, will it include all missing dependent 
> changesets when pushing, or only the one I'm giving as an argument?

The one you gave as argument and its ancestors if not present on the 
other repo

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