Splitting up wiki pages considered harmful

Mads Kiilerich mads at kiilerich.com
Fri Mar 28 07:13:11 CDT 2008

Adrian Buehlmann wrote:
> It is not my intention to split *all* wiki pages.
> I splitted ProjectsUsingMercurial and TipsAndTricks.
> I do find TipsAndTricks much more easier to edit as it is now.
> The larger tricks made it very difficult to main.
> I am also available to help editing TipsAndTricks, if that's the
> problem.
> So, could you please explain what you intended to do on TipsAndTricks
> and why/how you failed?
> I'm not going to revert right now, but will hold off from editing the wiki for
> now.

It would be unfortunate if you stopped editing the wiki. Your editing 
has improved the readability a lot. Thanks for the contribution!

If a page is too big to edit in one piece, then it is probably also too 
big to read in one piece and should be split up. IMHO TipsAndTricks was 
far too big to read in one piece, so splitting it up makes sense. As it 
is done now separated in 5 sub pages with their own sub-categorization 
is slightly better. Still the pages contains unrelated items - and each 
tip'n'trick has an ugly URL - so it would benefit from really being 
split up with one page for each tip.

I do however agree with TAH that splitting pages up behind-the-scenes 
like it is done on ProjectsUsingMercurial makes it less intuitive how to 
edit the pages. If I see something on a page and wants to edit it then I 
should be able to press edit and then be able to edit it. With the 
alphabetical ordering the page is easy to read and navigate, and if the 
source was on one page it would be easy to edit. Splitting into subpages 
based on initial letter seems artificial and without any benefit.


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