Splitting up wiki pages considered harmful

Martin Geisler mg at daimi.au.dk
Fri Mar 28 07:58:41 CDT 2008

Adrian Buehlmann <adrian at cadifra.com> writes:

> On 28.03.2008 13:13, Mads Kiilerich wrote:
>> I do however agree with TAH that splitting pages up
>> behind-the-scenes like it is done on ProjectsUsingMercurial makes
>> it less intuitive how to edit the pages. If I see something on a
>> page and wants to edit it then I should be able to press edit and
>> then be able to edit it. With the alphabetical ordering the page is
>> easy to read and navigate, and if the source was on one page it
>> would be easy to edit. Splitting into subpages based on initial
>> letter seems artificial and without any benefit.
> Ok. I disagree, but well then :(

I like the new structure -- and I think it is very easy to grasp what
is going on then one tries to edit the page and finds stuff like this:


That obviously means that the real text is stored somewhere else...

Martin Geisler

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