Splitting up wiki pages considered harmful

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at cadifra.com
Fri Mar 28 09:48:40 CDT 2008

On 28.03.2008 15:17, Matt Mackall wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 12:10 +0100, Adrian Buehlmann wrote:
>> On 28.03.2008 11:33, Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:
>>> Hi Adrian!
>>> I believe that it isn't helpful to split all wiki pages, this makes
>>> editing them harder as you first have to find where to edit before
>>> you can start.
>>> Additionally it makes reformatting them harder, as you would have to
>>> go through many pages to make a rather small change.
>>> Please revert ProjectsUsingMercurial to the previous state.
>>> An improvement for that page might be to have e.g. a table with
>>> columns [project page, repository link, description].
>>> Similar for TipsAndTricks: I don't know how to _easily_ add a single
>>> tip. I know you can do it, but the purpose of a wiki is that
>>> everybody can do it.
>>> Regards,
>>> Thomas
>>> P.S.: Thanks for improving the wiki pages in general, just don't go
>>> so far that no one else can assist you :)
>> It is not my intention to split *all* wiki pages.
>> I splitted ProjectsUsingMercurial and TipsAndTricks.
>> I do find TipsAndTricks much more easier to edit as it is now.
>> The larger tricks made it very difficult to main.
> I actually like the long page format for something like TipsAndTricks.
> That way a curious user can just sit down and scroll through all of them
> to fill her brain with new ideas rather than having to click back and
> forth.

So you want this revision

Shall I then delete
? Or include? Or paste (last option doesn't work, I used another include trick there,
mea culpa...)

We currently have two sorts of "Tips and Tricks":

Long ones:

Short ones:
(I could make symbolic anchor names, if wanted)

All indexed at
(http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/index.cgi/TipsAndTricks/Index to edit)

The "edit links" are on the right column of

If you click on a short trick, you currently land on a all short ones
page in the same class (basic, intermediate, advanced):

Maybe we should just drop the classes (basic, intermediate, advanced)?

The "long trick" have a navigation via

Categories start at:

I thought about a knowledgebase too. Let's say you have a question
on the mailing list and you can just answer:


Doing that with

is a bit more difficult and I think people won't edit that. But
they do edit ConcatenatingChangesets.

You can also search the page titles faster.

> It'd be nice if we had direct links for editing subsections ala
> Mediawiki. Moin itself is doing something like this:
> http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinQuestions
> = Joy of errors =
> <<Include(/Errors, ,editlink)>>
> = Installing and upgrading =
> <<Include(/Installing, ,editlink)>>
> = Configuration Files =
> <<Include(/ConfigFiles, ,editlink)>>

I will have a look.

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