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Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Fri Mar 28 19:42:04 CDT 2008

(a follow-up of

I've updated
to directly contain the short tips on that page.

So anyone wanting to add a short new trick can simply edit that page.

I didn't yet try to merge all those tricks that are currently on separate
pages (the "separate page tricks"), that is, the pages contained in

On top of TipsAndTricks there is now a table.

In the left column is a table of contents of what's on TipsAndTricks itself.

The right column shows the contents of the page (by inclusion):

This index page contains a list of simple wiki-links to all the
"long tricks" on separate pages.

There is an "edit" link directly on TipsAndTricks. Clicking that
opens the editor for TipsAndTricks/Index.

Before I do go brute-force merging those "separate page tricks" into
TipsAndTricks as well, I would like to get some feedback what people think
about this compromise-solution.

The "separate page tricks" for example contains:
That page is also linked from

Another "separate page trick" page is for example
which is a bit longer.

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