How to diagnose "abort: Error" messages?

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Sat Mar 29 16:19:59 CDT 2008


I setup a local repository (ver 1.0 on Windows ) and a remote repository (
ver 1.0 on Linux ) and I pushed a few times (.9.5.x --> 9.4.x ) with no
Now however, I get a cryptic "abort: Error" message. This is not enough info
to figure out the problem. I tried "hg -v --debug push" but I still don't
get anything more informative.

What can I do?


hg -v --debug push
http auth: user listbox, password ***********
pushing to http://listbox:***
sending capabilities command
capabilities: unbundle=HG10GZ,HG10BZ,HG10UN lookup changegroupsubset
sending heads command
searching for changes
common changesets up to 7f1d531d1b7f
2 changesets found
List of changesets:
sending unbundle command
sending 3178543 bytes
abort: Error

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