Product name: "Mercurial" or "mercurial"?

Matt Mackall mpm at
Sun Mar 30 09:22:31 CDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-30 at 00:58 +0100, Adrian Buehlmann wrote:
> Attn: Corporate Identity Department
> What is the official product name for use in text?
>   "mercurial" or "Mercurial"?
> I start seeing more and more "mercurial"...
> The hgbook uses "Mercurial".
> ols-mercurial-paper.pdf from wiki page "Presentations" uses "Mercurial".
> But the new logo uses "mercurial".
> I would like to know this for the wiki.
> For example, what is the correct way in text:
>    "For a hands-on introduction to using Mercurial, see the tutorial."
> or
>    "For a hands-on introduction to using mercurial, see the tutorial."
> ?

"Mercurial" is the appropriate thing to use in prose. For the record,
the old logo used lowercase "mercurial" too. And used "Hg", for that
matter. So here are the rules:

- "mercurial" in the logo
- "mercurial" in filenames, package names, URLs, etc.
- "Mercurial" everywhere else when referring to the software
- "hg" when referring to the command
- "Hg" when referring to the element or as a shorthand for Mercurial

For the curious, some other projects with capitalized names but
lowercase logos: Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Mozilla. 

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