Product name: "Mercurial" or "mercurial"?

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Sun Mar 30 10:48:47 CDT 2008

On 30.03.2008 16:22, Matt Mackall wrote:
> "Mercurial" is the appropriate thing to use in prose. For the record,
> the old logo used lowercase "mercurial" too. And used "Hg", for that
> matter. So here are the rules:
> - "mercurial" in the logo
> - "mercurial" in filenames, package names, URLs, etc.
> - "Mercurial" everywhere else when referring to the software
> - "hg" when referring to the command
> - "Hg" when referring to the element or as a shorthand for Mercurial
> For the curious, some other projects with capitalized names but
> lowercase logos: Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Mozilla. 

Thanks Matt.

I've applied the rules to the wiki start page:

I hope the formatting is ok. Please edit if not. It uses the MoinMoin term definition
syntax as shown on HelpOnLists (" term:: definition").

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