invalid ip addr on hg serve

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Sun Mar 30 17:45:25 CDT 2008

Mark A. Flacy wrote, On 03/30/2008 10:10 PM:
> On 03/30/2008 09:26:59 AM, TK Soh wrote:
>> Are you suggesting that a user "should at least learn the basics of
>> TCP/IP" before typing 'hg serve' and hit <enter>? I hope not.
>> Mercurial is an SCM, I will be surprised that networking basics is on
>> the list of prerequisites.
> If you are going to operate your own http server, it ought to be.

We are talking about 'hg serve', which IMHO is a normal user command 
that any mercurial user should be able to use to share his repo 
quickly'n'not-too-dirty. So we can't expect the user to be skilled in 
the black art of operating servers. (Apparently Mercurial is being used 
by translators and artists too, so we can't even expect the user to be a 
CS kind of person...)

But in this specific case I think it is fine that the user is shown some 
mumbojumbo which is 100% correct even though he might not understand it, 
as long as he also is shown something which he probably understands and 
which probably works.

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