invalid ip addr on hg serve

Martin Marques martin at
Sun Mar 30 18:31:38 CDT 2008

First, I want to apologies if someone felt offended by my quotes. It was 
never my intention, and even more, my real intention is for people to 
have *more knowledge*.


TK Soh escribió:
> Are you suggesting that a user "should at least learn the basics of
> TCP/IP" before typing 'hg serve' and hit <enter>? I hope not.

Well, yes. You are serving hg on the net, so you should have basic 
knowledge of what you are doing. Else, bad things happen, believe me. :-(

Don't get me wrong. You don't have to be an senior network manager, but 
know what an IP address is, what's a netmask and what it's for, route, 
broadcast, network interfaces, etc. At least the basics.

Maybe most of what I listed above you already know, but I felt that the 
knowledge of what the ** meant was important.

> Mercurial is an SCM, I will be surprised that networking basics is on
> the list of prerequisites.

Well, you can use Mercurial without ever running serve. In my work we 
don't use serve, we interact pulling/pushing with ssh. At home I got 
hgwebdir working, which made me have to read somethings of CGI (I'm more 
of a modapache guy :-) ).

If there's anything I can help you with, related with this issue, let me 

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