Using Mercurial 1.0 with TortoiseHg 0.3?

Douglas Philips dgou at
Mon Mar 31 07:55:38 CDT 2008

A quick inquiry (I didn't know what terms to search for on the wiki,  
so a pointer there is also appreciated)...

I'm hoping to move my group at work from CVS to Mercurial.
At home I use Macs and command lines.
At work I use Windows, cygwin and command lines.
The rest of my work group are GUI jockeys.

I installed the Mercurial one-stop-.exe 1.0 on my machine at work.
I decided to pre-test the GUI stuff prior to recommending it and  
installed the TortoiseHg 0.3 on-stop-.exe on the same machine...
Mercurial is ahead of TortoiseHg on the PATH.

It all seems to be working, but I don't know if I've created a time  

I also noticed that it takes several seconds for any of the Context- 
menu initiated windows to appear, is that normal or is that because I  
have too many Mercurials installed?


P.S. Thank you to the whole project. Thank you also to Steve and Lee,  
for making the one-click Windows .exe installers available, that will  
make a hug difference in adoption/uptake for my group (and in general  

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