Using Mercurial 1.0 with TortoiseHg 0.3?

TK Soh teekaysoh at
Mon Mar 31 08:19:26 CDT 2008

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 12:55 PM, Douglas Philips <dgou at> wrote:
> A quick inquiry (I didn't know what terms to search for on the wiki,
>  so a pointer there is also appreciated)...
>  I'm hoping to move my group at work from CVS to Mercurial.
>  At home I use Macs and command lines.
>  At work I use Windows, cygwin and command lines.
>  The rest of my work group are GUI jockeys.
>  I installed the Mercurial one-stop-.exe 1.0 on my machine at work.
>  I decided to pre-test the GUI stuff prior to recommending it and
>  installed the TortoiseHg 0.3 on-stop-.exe on the same machine...
>  Mercurial is ahead of TortoiseHg on the PATH.
>  It all seems to be working, but I don't know if I've created a time
>  bomb...

I don't really think it's going cause any problem. Mercurial 1.0
should be backward compatible with 0.9.5.

>  I also noticed that it takes several seconds for any of the Context-
>  menu initiated windows to appear, is that normal or is that because I
>  have too many Mercurials installed?

It's very much dependent on the size of repo you are browsing. The
delay is actually caused by the overlay icons extension in TortoiseHg.
The context menu should popup fairly quickly.

>  Thanks,
>         --Doug
>  P.S. Thank you to the whole project. Thank you also to Steve and Lee,
>  for making the one-click Windows .exe installers available, that will
>  make a hug difference in adoption/uptake for my group (and in general
>  imho)!

TortoiseHg owes a lot to Steve. Without him, the binary installer may
still be "under construction" right now.

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