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Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Mon Mar 31 09:17:18 CDT 2008

On 31.03.2008 14:52, Douglas Philips wrote:
> On 2008 Mar 31, at 3:36 AM, Adrian Buehlmann wrote:
>> On 31.03.2008 07:57, Peter Arrenbrecht wrote:
>>> Adrian, I don't like it much. It hides important things like the bug
>>> tracker, mailing lists, and source repos behind a very non- 
>>> descriptive
>>> link. What was your intention? I ask to determine if we should just
>>> revert or try to improve the current state.
>>> -peo
>> I've reverted and deleted the page ProjectInformation. Thanks for  
>> responding.
> Adrian,
> 	I appreciate all the work you've put into the wiki!
> 	I have a request, can you please slow down the rate at which you  
> react to comments? Some of us aren't able to provide feedback in just  
> a few hours turn around time; weekends are both better and worse for  
> feedback timing response.
> 		Thanks again!
> 			--Doug

Sorry :-). But it's no big deal either way (for such small changes, at least).
And peo already said the new revision is bad, then why wait? Better get to
the agreed version per default.

Besides, the info is still in the history of the wiki. So we can still
discuss it if you like while it is inactive (I could have done that in the first
place for presenting the proposed change: edit, revert and post the link
to the reverted revision in the history).

So, the old (reverted) revision of the front page is here (was my proposal):

The full history of the page can be seen here:
you can view any old revision (click the "info" link in top of the page to get this).
Every revision has a "view" link there (on the right side, "Action" column).

The "deleted" page ProjectInformation can be retrieved here:

History for that page is:
(you can click on "info" even for inexistent, that is, deleted pages).

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