Tags on forests?

Benoît Allard benoit at aeteurope.nl
Mon Mar 31 09:27:28 CDT 2008

Roman Kennke wrote:
>> is it somehow possible to tag an entire forest? I don't see something
>> like that. If not, this would be a very useful feature.

No, there is currently no ftag command.

> Nobody has an idea? Also, I'm not sure what the snapshot and seed
> features are about, they sound interesting, but I don't know how they
> work. Is there documentation somewhere?

fsnap and fseed works together to save the current state of your forest
(fsnap) and restore it later on (fseed). Both those command works in
combination with a snapshot file. That one is created by fsnap, and read
by fseed. A snapshot file only represent the state on the forest
including the list of the embedded trees, their current revision and
their associated path (to be able to fpull, fpush from a snapshot file).

The following commands show the usage of such a file:

$hg fsnap > current.snapshot

[hack a bit, commit, update, whatever ...]

$ hg fseed current.snapshot # after that command the forest state is the
same as when saved during fsnap

For a (very poor) documentation, you can always look a the
ForestExtension page on the wiki ...

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