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Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Mon Mar 31 13:33:49 CDT 2008

Adrian Buehlmann a écrit :
> Question from a newbie trying to understand Mercurial source code
> (just asking for my own learning):
> As already posted, I fail to run Matt's revlogstat python script:
> I would like to ask if anyone has an idea what's wrong with my setup.
> I have (slightly modified):
> '''
> #!/usr/bin/python
> import sys
> from mercurial import revlog
> def stat(f):
>     r = revlog.revlog(open, f)

Here you want to open the file in binary mode. Just create a function like:

binopen = lambda fn: open(fn, 'rb')

and pass it to revlog instead of "open".

Patrick Mézard

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