Convert extension (from svn) - incredibly fast!

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Mon Mar 31 16:15:12 CDT 2008

Just a quick note to say that I have just run a test to convert a
local Subversion repository (a svnsync of the Python repository) to
Mercurial, using svn convert, and it ran in under 1 hour, converting
something like 60k revisions[1]. That's *very* impressive.

The only issue is that the convert (svn) extension doesn't work with
the standalone binary - even if I hack things to install it, there's
something funny going on which causes it to crash :-( (I know that the
TortoiseHg build includes a working convert/svn setup, but I prefer
the command line build, mainly just because I can build it myself).


[1] Is there a way to obtain information about a hg repository?
Specifically, stats like how many revisions there are. I keep trying
hg info and being surprised it fails!

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