[ANN] Mercurial SCC plugin for MS Visual Studio 2005/2008

Sergey Antonov sergant_ at mail.ru
Sun May 25 03:02:12 CDT 2008

Hi all.

I've made a first version of mercurial scc plugin for visual studio. It it not
full featured yet, but basic commands works.

    * Support for basic operations: Add, Remove, CheckIn, CheckOut, Rename,
    * File history dialog with support of file differencing
    * Support tracking of file renames in file history dialog
    * Support external file comparison tools (use plugin options at
Tools->Options->Source Control->HgSccProvider->Advanced)
    * Support for Pending Checkins
    * In commit dialog you can check the files for checkin. Also you can compare
files in commit dialog to see the changes with previous revision

    * Files that are checked in to repository are marked as Read-Only
    * No support for operations specific for Mercurial: push, pull, clone, MQ, etc..
    * No support for Merge
    * No support for Get revision

Download link:

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