[ANN] HgSccPackage v1.2

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at cadifra.com
Sun Apr 4 05:09:07 CDT 2010

On 04.04.2010 11:31, Sergey Antonov wrote:
> New version v1.2 of the mercurial integration for MS Visual Studio 2008/2010
> available. 
> Changes from v1.1:
>     * The commit/revert commands will be enabled if there are any changes in the
> repository. Earlier you have to select modified file or project in solution
> explorer to run those commands.
>     * Fixed "HgSccHelper.Hg threw an exception" issue, which can arise when you
> have quoted paths in PATH environment variable
>     * Added UseSccBindings option in package settings, which controls whether
> package will use Scc bindings for new projects and solution
>     * Added batched status update for modified files. That should reduce
> solution loading time in some cases.
>     * Added support for sorting columns in files list to most of the package windows
>     * Fixed wrong revision id when viewing removed file in revision graph log
> window for merged revisions
> More information and download link here:
> http://www.newsupaplex.pp.ru/hgscc_news_eng.html
> Screen shots:
> http://bitbucket.org/zzsergant/hgsccpackage/wiki/ScreenShots

Wow. There's even a revision graph dialog. Nice work.

Do you have any plans to leverage the dialog Windows into a standalone
application (comparable to TortoiseHg hgtk)?

Combining it with a shell extension for Windows?

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