update to nearest head

John Sparrow johnsparrowuk at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Apr 4 06:40:57 CDT 2010

Great, thanks. I'm on Windows so the nested command doesn't work (I guess that's a Linux scripting feature?). I bodged it like this:


hg heads -r . --template "@hg up {node}\r\n" > _updatetemp.cmd
call .\_updatetemp.cmd
del _updatetemp.cmd

Which seems to work great!

> Not an easy way, no. But the following command will show you heads
> descended from the current revision:
> hg heads -r .
> So you can do:
> hg up `hg heads -r . --template "{node}\n"`
> But if you have more than one such head, hg up will barf.
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