Styles not working as expected.

Simon Howkins simonh at
Wed Apr 7 07:43:40 CDT 2010


I've been trying to create a style to output changesets in a format suitable
for MediaWiki.

My style file contains:

changeset = '|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/{node|short}
start_tags = "'''"
tag = '{tag} '
last_tag = "{tag}''' "

This works fine with hg log, so it comes out with something like this:

|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/d5aac35e07c3 d5aac35e07c3]
|'''tip''' Misc tidy ups
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/0286796100fd 0286796100fd]
|Added -n flag (newest first) to invocation of hg in, so that it gives us
the most tip-ward revision that would be needed, not the oldest (revision 0
in almost all cases).
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/eb33247c261d eb33247c261d]
|Extended source syncing slightly, to be able to manage use of local tags on
(web) server.
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/5d6e2c958c66 5d6e2c958c66]
|Include -j option for sf-do-full-export target
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/4dd6f1dde1fe 4dd6f1dde1fe]
|1) Add support for parallel makefile generation by spliting compile into
two-step operation. export first, followed by compile.

But weirdly, when I use the same file with hg in, it seems to get confused
and puts the header "{|" before every changesaet:

|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/8dfe67a9e2fe 8dfe67a9e2fe]
|'''tip''' Adding sf-merge-brag target
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/72efe73cb3cf 72efe73cb3cf]
|FIxed package config script to be able to handle utilities repo being at
old URL, or new URL.
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/9a43fe34cdb4 9a43fe34cdb4]
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/aabab255ad7b aabab255ad7b]
|Add new sf-build-roms target to invoke iMaker rom building
|[${sf.package.URL}/rev/28714977dccb 28714977dccb]
|Bug 2274 - Detection of physical drives doesn't work on Vista/Win7

Can anyone reproduce this and offer any suggestions? Or is it just a bug I
should report? (hg v1.5 and hg v1.3.1, on win32)


Simon Howkins
Symbian Foundation
+44 (0) 7763 102 896

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