Web Hosting on Microsoft IIS

Matt Hawley Matt.Hawley at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 8 16:15:13 CDT 2010

I finally got around to giving isapi-wsgi a try and fully documented the setup in a blog post. It may be worth adding a link as a guide in the script created by Sune.



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We currently use the binaries, so thanks for the additional tip.

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On 03-03-2010 16:42, Matt Hawley wrote:
> Thanks for the script Sune. I'm going to give it a shot over here and run it by our perf team to see if we gain any benefits by using it.

Sounds good. There are some limitations I wasn't fully aware of, mainly that hgwebdir_wsgi.py won't work with the binary installer, since it can't handle the frozen environment produced by py2exe very well. So Mercurial needs to be installed from source.

This is not entirely true, though, since we, at work, do use a binary installer to run this script. But our binary installer is special in that it tells py2exe not to pack everything up into a zip file for our server installers. Conincidentally, this means that hgwebdir_wsgi also works :-p.

We're currently pondering how, if possible, it can be made to work with the standard binary installer, but for now you will need to install Mercurial from source instead.

Maybe you already do, so all this is moot, but still :)


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