Suffering from CVS mindset

Harry Putnam reader at
Sat Apr 10 18:45:22 CDT 2010

Masklinn <masklinn at> writes:

>> The trial hg repo I'm working with covers a `projects' area where the
>> structure is along the lines of a directory with shell script
>> experiments, another with perl script experiments, backup
>> experimentation.
> That doesn't sound like it should be a single repository.
> Repositories are cheap in mercurial, you should create one for each
> of your experiments, setup a global ~/.hgignore for files you have
> to ignore all the time and you're done.

That sounds likes a way too much overhead. Dinking around with a dozen
or so repos.  If that is how mercurial is intended to work.. I
probably am trying to use the wrong tool.

I had visions of working freely on whatever tests etc and every few
days making some commits or otherwise cleaning up.  Doing that in a
dozen different places sounds like a full time mercurial admin doing
nothing else.

These experimental areas are small, (aside from the perl directory)
and contain only a few files and directories.

Even the perl directory isn't all that big: 
31M     /projects/reader/perl

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