Mercurial and Mac OS X

Steve Borho steve at
Tue Apr 13 16:10:36 CDT 2010

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 3:55 PM, Chad Dombrova <chadrik at> wrote:
>> > On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 1:52 PM, Marko Käning <mk-lists at> wrote:
>> >> Murky is not as feature-rich as TortoiseHg for Windows.
>> >> There is some problem with umlauts and TextMerge also.
>> >> Otherwise it's okay.
>> >> But I mostly use also cl!
>> >
>> > TortoiseHG's hgtk can run on a Mac, but you need PyGtk from Macports or
>> > fink.
>> And then you need it to run, which usually doesn't happen.
> getting pygtk+ (which works without X11) going on osx is a pretty big pain,
> especially if you want it to work with 64-bit python.  once you do get it
> working, it's pretty good but copy and paste use ctrl instead of command
> keys, but still lightyears beyond gtk running in X11, which makes me want to
> black out with rage.  tortoise does not have any finder integration, so
> there's no solid tree view (though i've heard tell of a standalone window
> for this coming soon ?).

Work on finder integration was never started, since all THG work has
been blocked on a native PyGtk.

> i've personally tried to build pygtk using macports on snow leopard, and it
> failed. i also followed the network of outdated web-links from the tortoise
> website on how to get gtk+ going, and it failed too (or i failed).  i
> eventually gave up and we hired a temp developer at my work just to deal
> with this and some other compilation beasts.  macports/fink is not ideal
> because it builds all of python just to build pygtk even though i'd rather
> have it built against snow leopard's 64-bit python 2.6.

That mirrors my own experience.  Since upgrading to snow leapard, at
least every other compile attempt fails, and when it does build it
locks up hard when I run any simple PyGtk application.  I have to kill
-9 its process.

> long story short, if tortoiseHG wants to make inroads on osx, it's not going
> to happen without some good pygtk installers.  perhaps the tortoise folks
> can team up with the gtk folks to provide installers for at least the system
> pythons: leopard + 2.5.1, snow leopard + 2.5.4, snow leopard + 2.6.1
> 64-bit.

I've been waiting for the GTK folks to make an actual public release
of a native Mac OS X version.  It's been almost a year and not much
visible progress has been made.

> slightly OT: is there any chance of some day getting a PyQt or PySide port
> of tortoise?  it's becoming more and more the case that people already have
> PyQt installed and it's mature on every major platform.

Hardly OT at all, but the answer is pretty simple.  There are only
three of us (volunteers) who work on TortoiseHg with any regularity,
and a PyQt port would be a very large undertaking.  At this point in
time, there is more to be gained by focusing our meager time resources
on the existing PyGtk code base than starting a-fresh with PyQt.

If someone was interested in starting such a port, I would help them
out.  I think the end result would be quite nice.

Steve Borho

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