Mercurial and Mac OS X

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Wed Apr 14 18:04:04 CDT 2010

On 14.04.2010 13:35, Yuya Nishihara wrote:
> Chad Dombrova wrote:
>> slightly OT: is there any chance of some day getting a PyQt or PySide port
>> of tortoise?  it's becoming more and more the case that people already have
>> PyQt installed and it's mature on every major platform.
> I'm interested in Qt port since I use KDE, but it'll be hard work. :)
> BTW, cutehg and hgview are Qt-based, so they could be run on Mac.
> cutehg:
> hgview:

I think I might be interested in looking into a PyQt (or PySide?) based
TortoiseHg fork/rewrite too. But my focus is on Windows.

But the work that would need to be done would sure be impressive. Maybe
we could work by attacking dialog by dialog, installing GTK and Qt in
parallel on Windows until we have something that's useful enough to run
on Qt alone.

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