Converting HUGE (12GB) SVN repo to Hg

Philip Pemberton lists at
Thu Apr 22 07:28:33 CDT 2010

Benoit Boissinot wrote:
> which tool are you using? are there independant sub-projects in this repository?

Hg convert.

There aren't any subprojects in the repo (to my knowledge) -- just one 
really big project: "make source-tarball" creates a 90MB tar-bz2.

This is basically a local copy of the GCC repository. I wanted to hunt 
down a bug that's been introduced in v4.5.0, but first I want to know 
when said bug first appeared. Constantly doing "svn checkout / make / 
test" will take forever - I figured converting to Hg, then using Bisect 
might be a bit quicker.

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