Converting HUGE (12GB) SVN repo to Hg

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Thu Apr 22 07:50:48 CDT 2010

As Dirkjan mentioned, hgsubversion might be a better way to go, given what you're trying to do. You can also configure it to ignore branches, which should speed things up too, using the branchmap option on clone.

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Rock Hymas wrote:
> You did the right thing by converting from a svnsync'd repository.

Oh good, at least I did one thing right! :)

> However, in all likelihood the conversion won't complete, hg will run
> out of memory first. You can rerun it over and over and that might
> work as long as there aren't any very large revisions.


> Is your repo laid out using trunk/branches/tags at the root, or with
> project directories that each have trunk/branches/tags? If the
> latter, then you most certainly want to convert each project
> separately.

As far as I can tell, it's just one REALLY BIG project with a lot of 

It follows the normal branches/tags/trunk structure, and ideally I'd 
like to keep the tags. What I want to do at the end of this is use 'hg 
bisect' to track down a very pervasive bug that's breaking Linux kernel 
builds on the lm32 platform...

> Are there portions of the repo that are purely binary and/or
> compressed files?

I don't think so.. AIUI it's all text files (source code) and huge shell 
scripts (automake/autoconf fluff).

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