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Fri Apr 30 06:23:24 CDT 2010

Adrian Buehlmann <adrian at> writes:

> On 20.04.2010 07:53, Matt Mackall wrote:
>> I've recently begun an effort to enable myself to work on the Mercurial
>> project full-time. This should help speed up development in many areas
>> of Mercurial, especially in the areas that require deep expertise to
>> make progress.
>> I've arranged with the Software Freedom Conservancy to collect donations
>> and manage the financial side of things for us. My initial inquiries
>> have already lined up 1/3rd of my target funding for the next year.
>> If your company is a serious user of Mercurial, please consider
>> accelerating Mercurial's development by sponsoring me. I'll add you to a
>> sponsor page on the Mercurial website and give you an opportunity to
>> give input on development areas that are important to you. Contact me
>> privately for more details.
> As tweeted by Matt:
> An interview with Matt on the subject.

Very nice, thanks for the link!

Martin Geisler

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