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Isaac Jurado diptongo at
Fri Apr 30 20:22:10 CDT 2010

Replying Chris Sutton:
> -What were your reasons for switching to Mercurial?

* It was new, I tried it, I liked it.  It was way smoother to use than

> -Why do you use prefer Mercurial to source control tools like Subversion,
> TFS and other centralized tools?

* Trivial repository setup.  Ideal for solo and small group university

* Offline operation.

* Smoothest transition from Subversion (familiarity).

* Bundles are a wonderful backup tool.

> -How does using hg improve how you work with your source?

* Much higher commit granularity, which combined with bisect provides a
  lot of confidence for regression hunting.

* Patch queues helps and even improves ocasional contributions to open
  source projects such as... Mercurial!

> Btw, I've thought through these questions, but wanted to see what
> others have to say.

This may be helpful or not, but I think it's an interesting debate.
Within the private development (business), I've seen the following
opinions on DVCS tools:

  - Git is seen as a kernel hackers tool and somehow only interesting
    for Linux geeks.  You're supposed to be some kind of super-hero if
    you know how to use it.

  - Bazaar is seen with better eyes due to the Canonical sponsorship
    behind the scenes.  In particular, we use it at work because,
    according to my boss, "it allows to stay centralized and jump to
    distributed model when we have the time".  Yet, we (developers)
    struggle with it eavery day.  I'd much rather use Subversion.

  - Mercurial, unfortunately, has almost no visibility around the
    environments I have worked on.

> p.s. I reference git quite a bit in the talk, so I'm NOT looking for
> ideas that are hg vs git.

That is the easy part, where all the flame fun resides.


Isaac Jurado

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