Mercurial 1.6 released!

Matt Mackall mpm at
Thu Jul 1 12:28:37 CDT 2010

The two most important new features of this release are:

* pushable bookmarks. This lets you synchronize bookmarks between
repositories using push and pull.

* a powerful new revision query language.

Full details here:

Available for download at:

We would like to thank the following new contributors for their help
with this release:

Chad Dombrova
David Greenaway
Dévai Tamás
Eric Eisner
Jan Sorensen
Javi Merino
Jeff Schiller
Julian Cowley
Julien Malherbe
Maxim Khitrov
Pradeepkumar Gayam
Renato Cunha
Simon Howkins
Stanimir Stamenkov
Vishakh H

These are just the new names -- thanks also to all our regular

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