can pull - cannot push - with or without hgrc(?) auth issues

Paul Boddie paul.boddie at
Thu Nov 4 12:01:13 CDT 2010

John Stean wrote:
> Hello Paul, thanks for taking a look at this.
> I have looked at the 
> thanks, I have
>  [web]
> allow_push = *
> I've also tried to add the apache uname passwords to an [auth] 
> section, this makes no difference.

Apologies: when I mentioned that the "username and password should only 
be of concern to Apache", I obviously overlooked the way in which 
authorisation in Mercurial obviously relies on knowing these usernames 
if per-user restrictions are to be enforced. However, what you've done 
sounds sensible enough.

> I am just reconfiguring apache to create a separate log for the repo 
> domain - in the meantime can you tell me, is an hgrc file mandatory? 
> are there any mandatory sections?
> Just wondering because without an hgrc file the push's get to the same 
> stage, just that with an hgrc file I get the http 500 error, without 
> one I get authorization failed.

You might be running into a permissions issue. If the Web server cannot 
write to the .hg directory inside the target repository, then you'll 
almost certainly get a 500 error. This is indirectly mentioned in the 

But I suppose a more explicit mention in the part about allowing pushes 
would be beneficial.


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