External Repositories as Subrepositories

Matthias Goesswein tisi at sbox.tugraz.at
Wed Nov 10 03:01:20 CST 2010


I've upgraded from mercurial 1.6.x (i never remind the last version 
number) to mercurial 1.7 on windows, and i've trouble with subrepositories.

I've tried to make two Repositories (MyRepo1 and MyRepo2)
on the same directory level and use one MyRepo2 as a Subrepo of MyRepo1:

That are the commands:

hg init MyRepo2
echo Test > MyRepo2/test.txt
hg add MyRepo2
hg commit MyRepo2 -m MyCommit

hg init MyRepo1
echo MyRepo2 = ../MyRepo2 > MyRepo1/.hgsub
hg add MyRepo1
hg commit MyRepo1 -m MyCommit

I'll get that:

+ MyRepo1
  - .hg
  - .hgsub
  - .hgsubstate
  + MyRepo2 (as Subrepo)
    - .hg
+ MyRepo2
  - .hg
  - test.txt

But if i want to call hg pull within the MyRepo1/MyRepo2 directory, i'll 
get an error message:

cd MyRepo1/MyRepo2
hg pull
abort: repository default not found!

So there is no default path for the subrepo set within the hgrc file.

As i remind, within the old version the default path was set for subrepos.

Am i doing something wrong?


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