Convert svn to hg - splicing with moved/renamed files

Stanimir Stamenkov s7an10 at
Sat Jan 1 07:56:38 CST 2011

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 00:41:45 +0200, /Stanimir Stamenkov/:
> Sat, 25 Dec 2010 18:25:47 +0200, /Stanimir Stamenkov/:
>> 4. The revision which merges the branch changes into the main line
>> seems to properly remove the original file location and add the
>> new (moved) one, but it is not recorded as rename resulting in
>> completely wrong file annotations (visible with all examples).
> What I suspect is happening is the convert doesn't properly
> recognize the source of move/rename when it is happening on a
> different branch, probably because the base path is different:
> trunk/ vs. branches/<branch_name>/

I've now opened:

"Convert from Subversion fails to recognize renames" 


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