Using cygwin and TortoiseHg in parallel

Jean-Pierre Bergamin james at
Mon Jan 3 09:06:30 CST 2011

Hello everyone

I'd like to use cygwin and TortoiseHg on the same repository. I'm now 
running into the following issue:

- I edit a file with PSPad.
- I commit it with TortoiseHg.
- "hg st" in cygwin still shows me that the just commited file has 
changes, but "hg diff" shows no pending changed. When I commit the file 
in cygwin as well, "hg st" show no modified files anymore.

[james at JAMES-PC ~/test/my-branch]$ hg st
M hello.txt
[james at JAMES-PC ~/test/my-branch]$ hg diff --git
[james at JAMES-PC ~/test/my-branch]$

When I commit the changes in cygwin, everything is ok.

Could this be some issue with EOL styles? Or any other ideas why files 
that have been commited with TortoiseHg still are shown as modified 
within cygwin?

Best regards,

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