[ANN] TortoiseHg 1.9.1 (beta) released

Didly didlybom at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 09:09:16 CST 2011

Hi Steve,

happy new year! :-)

I recently installed and tested TortoiseHg 1.9.1. I opened the new shelve
tool and I think it looks good although since it is not functional yet I
cannot tell how it will really work. Is there some wiki page that explains

One thing that I found a little weird though is that, in the repository
explorer, when you look at revisions that have subrepository changes, what
you see is that the .hgsubstate file changed, but you do not see an
indication that the subrepo itself changed, nor a way to access the
corresponding subrepository history. I seem to recall that this was not the
behaviour of 1.9.0 although I might be wrong.



On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 2:51 AM, Steve Borho <steve at borho.org> wrote:

> TortoiseHg 1.9.1 is the second beta release of the PyQt port,
> scheduled to be released as 2.0 together with Mercurial 1.1.8 on March
> 1.  Because some new parts of the PyQt port depend on changes recently
> introduced to Mercurial, the 1.9.1 packages include the tip of
> Mercurial (default) instead of the typical most recent stable tag.  As
> always all TortoiseHg installers are interchangeable; they will
> upgrade each other without fuss.
> 1.9.1 includes a preview of the new shelve tool.  It is not available
> from any context menu since it is not yet functional, but it can be
> opened from the command line for a test-drive with `thg shelve`.
> https://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/thg/downloads
> There should be one more beta release near February 1, at which point
> the PyQt branch will enter feature freeze for a full month so that we
> can update translations and documentation.
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> Steve Borho
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